Hydrofusion - The harmonization of a 2 part formula:
                          A single blanket of radiant heat and steam.

Steam Diffusion - Broad flow steam diffusion is
                                delivered for full body coverage.

Radiant Heat - Radiant heat emitted from the Hydration Station into the body chamber
                           delivers ambient warmth.

Color Spectrum Lights - Six Super LED light stations provide a rainbow of different shades
                                           including red, blue, green, jade, yellow, orange, and violet.

Vibratory Massage Bed - Feel your tensions unwind and drift away as the vibration
                                             massage pampers, soothes and relaxes.

Oxygen Science Concentrates - Concentrates mix with steam to topically delight the body.
                                                          Each concentrate includes a specific blend of
                                                          natural ingredients.

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