— AquaMED Massage Bed —


Most commonly used for ….
• Relief from Stress and Muscle Soreness • Draining the Lymphatic System • Soft/Deep Tissue Rehabilitation
• Pre and Post Chiropractic Adjustments and Workouts • Treating Neck, Lower Back, Cervical and Thoracic Pain
• Increasing Circulation in Diabetics • Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, and Muscular Skeletal Pain • Improving flexibility and Range of Motion

Along with treating many medical conditions it is also perfect for those who just want a “great” massage.

AquaMED is listed as a physical medicine therapeutic massage device under the FDA 510 (k) program.


The Aqua Med does better all over including reaching boney landmarks that an MT cannot. It adds heat, more power, never gets tired and it can reach all of the major muscle groups. Using pre-workout, fewer injuries will occur because the blood supply is brought deep into the muscle, giving it all of the oxygenated blood it needs to do the activity. It is great for post-workout as well because it cleans out the lactic acid in the muscle providing for a faster recovery time.

Just 10 minutes is comparable to
30 minutes with a massage therapist!

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