- UV Free Booth Options -

VersaPro Sunless Booth
The VersaPro Sunless Booth is the newest model from Sunless Inc. It has the latest technology, surpassing all others in the Sunless Industry. It is a huge upgrade to their previous VersaSpa model and features more options and amenities. It has 4 Solution bays to allow for the client to have the ability to do PH Prep, Up to 2 DHA Sprays, either Bronze or Clear & Moisturizer in a single session! There are 3 heat ports above each spray nozzle so every session pass is warmed and you are dried after every solution. The new booth has height sensor technology which accurately targets the client from head to toe, reducing overspray. They have also re-engineered the spray nozzles for complete & accurate coverage. There are 3 nozzles as opposed to 2 in the VersaSpa. The Versa Pro uses HVLP (High Pressure, Low Volume) technology (the same technology used in airbrush) to apply the solution to the body.

Mystic HD Sunless Booth
The Mystic HD is a fully enclosed  and heated Sunless Booth which uses MagneTan technology to apply the solution to the body.  MagneTan Technology is Mystic Tan’s patented process that uses the body’s own magnetic properties to attract mist to every exposed surface of the skin. When the tanning mist passes through the spray nozzles, the particles are polarized and act like tiny magnets. The particles will then adhere evenly to the skin to create a smooth, natural-looking tan.  This technology helps to ensure that the tan is applied very evenly as it actually seeks out your skin to attract to it. Mystic utilizes individual cartridges that have different percentage levels of Organic Certified  DHA/Erythrulose to give a darker tan level (light, medium and dark)  All cartridges are a clear base, fragrance free, paraben free formulation and the customer may choose a scent, bronzer level (single or triple) and PH balancer/accelerator additive for a completely customized experience.
 The Mystic formulations also have an odor control reducer along with skin care ingredients aloe vera, acai and green tea. The booth is warmed before the session begins for a very comfortable experience.  Voice activated instructions lead you through 4 easy poses no arm movement changes.  Dry passes leave you almost completely dry at end of session no need to towel off!

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