Why HydroMassage Fits You...

• Provides temporary relief of minor aches and pains
• Helps reduce levels of stress and anxiety
• Relaxation provides a feeling of well-being
• Temporarily increases circulation where massaged
• Helps relieve muscle soreness, stiffness, and tension

HydroMassage is listed as a physical medicine therapeutic massage device under the FDA 510 (k) program.

More reasons that HydroMassage is for you…

The Busy Mom… You have a juice box in your gym bag and a spare diaper in your glove compartment… just in case. You spend so much time worrying about everyone else in your life and planning for what-ifs, you rarely have a moment to yourself – much less time for a massage. Now in just 10 minutes, you can achieve the stress relief and relaxation of a soothing massage with HydroMassage. You can customize every setting to make sure it targets exactly where you need it most.

The Athlete…
Performance and recovery are all critical to you. Experts recommend athletes get regular massages during training for and after their events in order to keep their bodies in peak performance. Frequent massage helps soothe muscle groups that are used repetitively. Previously a regimen like this was both time-consuming and expensive. Discover how regular HydroMassage may benefit your performance and recovery.

The Young-At-Heart… You feel that you can’t get around like you used to or have less energy for your favorite hobbies. As we age, our muscles become tight and we begin to lose flexibility or to have  pain in our joints. HydroMassage is a “feel good” therapy that combines heat and massage to provide a soothing, relaxing massage while you remain fully-clothed. Getting massage frequently is an investment in your health and should be an important part of your wellness plan.

The Weekend Warrior…
Monday through Friday you are tied to your desk but your weekends are action-packed.  From sports to projects, you’re always pushing the limits. When Monday rolls around, you’re paying for your weekend. Massage can help you relieve the tensions of the work week as well as ease your aching muscles.

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