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The infrared body wraps have helped me get my life back! There are so many benefits to doing the wraps, I would recommend them to anyone and everyone. Six months ago, I was at the lowest point of my life. I suffered from whole body pain from fibromyalgia, extreme depression, and weight gain. It started with a major life change that sent me into severe depression and stress, that in turn caused flare ups with my fibromyalgia. The depression also caused emotional eating and since I couldn’t work due to the physical pain, I gained weight. It was a vicious cycle that I couldn’t get out of. My dear friend Heather, owner of Solar Tan, told me to try the infrared body wraps. She mentioned it could help with pain management as well as losing inches, among other benefits. While I was willing to try anything at that point, I was doubtful that anything would help. Let me say… I was wrong. I have had incredible results from the body wraps! Just after a few sessions I noticed a reduction in the pain in my body. Around session ten I noticed I was losing some weight and felt even better. So, I decided to try going to the gym. What a difference! I was able to work out every day and had zero pan! I hadn’t been able to do that in years; needless to say, I was ecstatic. I started the body wraps during the Lent season. Both last year and this year I decided to give up chocolate. Last year I had serious cravings that got worse as the weeks went on, and by Easter I basically binged on those delicious chocolates. This year, I had no cravings at all. An added benefit for the wraps is the detoxing. I couldn’t believe that I wasn’t craving sweets at all, that in turn also helped with weight and inches lost. By the end of 20 sessions I had lost 14″ and 20 lbs. At the end of 40 sessions I had lost 30″ and 30 lbs! I can now work out at the gym and barre classes, have very little pain, my clothes fit better, my self-esteem is going back up, and my sweet cravings have gone down tremendously.  I wholeheartedly believe that infrared body wraps work, and I intend to keep using them in the future!

Emily C.
Solar Tan Client since 2018

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Dear Heather,
Wow wow wow wow wow!!! The fit infrared body wrap was so great and worth every penny!!!! I truly feel that it helped jump start my weight loss and toning goals. After about 10 sessions I started to notice the reduction of stretch marks on my upper thighs and hips, this made me super happy because I lost some weight before I began my sessions and had a lot of loose skin!
:-)…but not anymore!!!!!!! I lost inches around my hips, waist, upper thighs, and even my arms and have kept it off for 3 months now. I know how hard that it can be to maintain and keep up with a healthy lifestyle and in the past I would find it really hard to get motivated to get in shape because I couldn’t see the results that I wanted right away. I feel that the fit wrap helped me to push through all of the fear that would normally come over me when I would try to get in shape and helped me to see instant results, and so I started to feel really good about myself. All in all the fit wrap really helped me to stay motivated to accomplish my fitness goals. Thank you so much for not only just the fit wrap, but all of the advice, support, and smiling faces every time that I come in to Solar Tan! You girls are awesome! 🙂
Thank you and may God bless you!
Jennette M. L


Dear Solar Tan Staff,

     About 30 years ago I sustained a lower back injury that ended up requiring two back surgeries.  Although the second surgery was considered “successful”, I still have chronic pain.  Over the years I have tried a plethora of medications, physical therapy, occupational therapy, chiropractic treatment, acupuncture, acupressure, muscle activation therapy and massage therapy. I also attended a six week Pain Clinic to learn how to mentally handle ongoing pain. While each of these have afforded me relief, none of the results have been long-lasting.  Also, since most of these are considered to be “alternative treatments”  by the Insurance companies, the cost over the years has been staggering!  Recently a friend recommended I
try your Infrared Body Wrap System since it is marketed for inch loss and pain management.  The results have been phenomenal! They were both immediate and long lasting.  A couple of hours a week (1-2 treatments) are all that I need to totally keep my pain in check! I have been sleeping better and noticed that I am not retaining as much water. I also believe that as my body is rid of more toxins, eventually I may be able to cut that back to a maintenance program. Obviously I recommend the Infrared Body Wrap with great enthusiasm!!!!!  

Jerrilyn D
Columbus, Ohio



    I am so pleased with the Infrared Body Wrap Sessions that I have done.  Not only have I lost inches in my waist, but also my arms and legs and I have still kept it off! I have always had “big arms” and shirts were always tight in the arm – but now all of my clothes are loose in the arms.  What a great feeling! 

   I also had stretch marks and just after a few sessions I noticed a difference….My stretch marks are completely gone!

   Thanks so much for introducing me to the Body Wrap!  I would definitely tell all my friends about it!

   Also a big thanks to your wonderful staff!  They are the friendliest group around!

Kathy H.

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