- UV Free Spray Tan -

UV Free Sunless Options are becoming increasingly more popular among tanners and non-tanners alike.  We offer you several options, so whether you are getting ready for that special event or just want an extra boost of color, we have something to meet your needs. 

 In order to ensure the best results with any Sunless application it is very important that you properly prepare your skin pre-sunless and then use the correct maintenance products to maintain it post-sunless.  Using improper products can not only prevent your sunless from adhering initially, but it can also cause it to wear off unevenly and sooner than you would like.  Prior to your sunless application, please call one of our certified consultants to learn how to best prepare for your tan.  We recommend stopping in prior to your tan to purchase the proper pre-tan exfoliant.  This will ensure you do not use something in the shower that may block your tan from adhering. 

Appointments are required for Airbrush Options but you do not need an appointment to do one of our Booth Options. 

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